I’m  Sachin gopal

Technologist, Geek and an experienced meditator.

about Me

My name is Sachin Gopal, and I was born in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. My mom and dad struggled initially but made it to the so-called “middle-class” family. I was always awed by entrepreneurs as a kid, and when asked about my dream job would say “Businessman.”

When I was eighteen, I started my first company, TechSolutions, in our second home with three of my friends with a strong programming community presence. We were reasonably successful and made good money, but the lack of alignment caused a split in 1992. The same year, I saw a magazine on Linux (Operating System) explaining its capabilities and its use by hackers. After several unsuccessful attempts, I tried installing it and had it running. I painstakingly mastered the OS around Server and Application Security over the years. This skill helped me provide consulting to small firms when I moved to Bangalore in 2003. Later as a consultant/full-time, I worked with top multinational companies like HP, DELL, Hinduja, Xen, and iGATE.

I have an MBA with a specialization in Marketing & Systems. I currently head IT & IS for a Software company in Bangalore and help startups thrive with minimum infrastructure. My expertise is specific to small-medium businesses. 

I am an experienced meditator with more than 3000HRS of practice. I have practiced traditions like Vipassana, Zen, Twin Heart, and Shamanic meditations. Furthermore, I finally found solace in the Tantrik Shakti tradition. On weekends, I am a Past life Regressionist, Yuen Method Practitioner (Certified), Pranic Healer-Arhatic Yoga (Certified), and Siddha healing tradition from eastern Srividya roots. My hobbies include marathons and powerlifting..

My entrepreneur journey does not end here; I am working on different areas as I write. Also, the entrepreneurial journey can be daunting, and unlike what others think, it can also make you feel low, but what would that life be not trying? Let’s create change, find a fix, and expand to areas we have never ventured.