I’m  Sachin gopal

Technologist, Geek and an experienced meditator.

about Me

My name is Sachin Gopal, and I was born in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. My mom and dad struggled initially but made it to the so-called “middle-class” family. I was always in awe of entrepreneurs as a kid, and when asked about my dream job would say “Businessman.”

When I was eighteen, I started my first company, TechSolutions, in our second home with three of my friends who had a strong programming community presence. We were reasonably successful and made good money, and the lack of alignment between us caused a split in 1992. The same year, I saw a magazine asserting Linux (Operating System) difficulty and its lack of hardware detection. I tried installing and, after several unsuccessful attempts, had it running. I painstakingly mastered the OS around Server and Application Security. This skill helped me provide consulting to small firms with very few Linux specialists when I moved to Bangalore in 2003. Later as a consultant/full-time, I worked with top multinational companies like HP, DELL, Hinduja, Xen, and iGATE.

On the professional front, I currently head IT & IS for a Software company in Bangalore and help startups thrive with minimum infrastructure as a consultant on weekends. My expertise is specific to small-medium businesses.

I am an experienced meditator with more than 3000HRS of practice. However, I have practiced many traditions like Vipassana, Zen & Twin Heart; I found my solace in the Shakti tradition. On weekends, I am a Past life Regressionist, Yuen Method Practioner, and certified Arhatic Yogi. My hobbies include marathons and powerlifting. Please check on on the services page to know more about them.

My entrepreneur journey does not end here, and is am working on different areas as I write. Also, an entrepreneurial journey can be daunting, and unlike what others think, it can also make you feel low, but what would that life be not trying? Let’s create some change, find a fix, explode out to areas we have never ventured. Success can come later.