resolve your issues on the SPOT using the most advanced quantum correction

What if I tell you that we can resolve your body pain and other emotional and psychological issues ON THE SPOT?

I spent years training in different modalities in alternative medicine and understood that in the end, only RESULTS matter. How about a  talk with me, and we resolve your issue on the SPOT? And yes, unlike other traditional methods, this change is immediate.

Are you ready? No charge for the first consultation, just five minutes, and experience a change on the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

I use a combination of Pranic Healing, Siddha and YM based on the issues a client brings. Pranic and Siddha also focus on the chakras and meridians, which, combined with Yuen Method, is a powerful combination.

It is an ingenious, “hands-off,” energetic technique developed by Dr. Kam Yuen, a 35th generation Shaolin Grandmaster and a Doctor of Chiropractic. It delivers instant results and resolves influences from physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and psychic levels.

  • Relationship
  • illness
  • Traumas
  • Pain
  • Psychological
  • Psychic/Emotional
  • Addictions

Not limited, but can be used to clear karmas, curses that can prevent one to succeed

The practitioner energetically connects to the Central Nervous System and Physical/Innate intelligence and makes corrections on the spot. Changes are instant, and people have reported immediate improvement in stress, pain, anxiety, and other specific situations in life.

Our body never creates an issue for us. In my experience, most of your problems come from your Spirit, which carries its memories, traumas, and triggers. With this, your mind adds up more, weakening and affecting other areas of your life like relationship finance, health, and Fitness.

Even if you have no primary issues, one session will make you see the difference in many areas of your life.

No, I work on your spirit and mind too. Your finance, health, or other areas can be affected by your ancestors. It could be your karmas with your boss which is causing a rift.


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5 min/500 INR

10 min/1000 INR

15 min/1500

20 min/2000

25 min/2500

30 min/3000

35 min/3500

40 min/4000

45 min/4500

1 hr /5000

Payment is due after the strengthening and can be transferred via GPay, Bhim (Indians), and Paypal (International)