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I never believed in Energy…

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Energy healing, is that a Placebo?

My sister learned Reiki ( Energy Healing) fifteen years prior, and then, I never believed in energy healing. I always thought Energy healing as a placebo-effect and often made fun of her.

First Experience

In the year 2016, my sister’s friend, who is a Pranic healer, visited my home and I was pestered into one healing session.

Standing afar, she picked her crystal wand and started waving in the air, which initially seemed funny. She also asked me to close my eyes. After few minutes, It felt as if somebody was touching the area around my face & eyebrows. I was sure it was probably an insect or a housefly. This session lasted for 30 minutes. When I opened my eyes, I looked for insects/houseflies in the room and but could not find any.

My brother-in-law Saurabh went next. His experience was no different than mine. He felt strange sensations on his face and eyebrows as if someone was touching him.

Uncontrolled Emotions

After two days, for some reason, my wife got upset. After an hour, I went to our portico and got all emotional and cried.

Now, I am not someone who would quickly get upset for such trivial things. Later I introspected on this outburst of emotions and had no valid reason. The next day, had a call with the healer and asked her if there were any after-effects of this healing.

What she then said, shocked me. She said many people experienced a significant release of emotions for few days.

Learning and Exploring

To understand more, I did a complete course on Pranic healing, concluding it with Arhatic Yoga. Today, I am a certified Pranic Healer. I also understand that we can alter the bio-electromagnetic energy with specific techniques which can bring much healing from our existing issues.

Disclaimer: Energy healing methods is not intended to replace medicine and is a complementary therapy.

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