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Nabho/Khechri Mudra, Is it needed ?

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In meditation, Nabho Mudra, Also called Khechari mudra, is an essential non-verbal communication to achieve Samadhi. Khechari (Tongue swallowing technique) can be be used to attain profound meditation or Samadhi. This union happens by touching the tip of the tongue to the pallet or the small tongue (Uvula).

In eastern tradition, the manner was to slowly run once finger nails under the tongue, on the frenulum. Over a period, this caused damage to the nerves, which holds back the tongue. Once this happened, a yogi could easily fold his tongue backward into the nasopharynx. Gherada Samhita, which is a text of Hatha yoga, confirms this method.


Ramakrishna said – When the divine goddess comes up, the tongue rolls back. The Buddhist pali also have reference to khechri mudra, where Buddha describes that this mudra helps in controlling hunger and mind. Swami Muktananda, in his spiritual autobiography book – PLAY OF CONSCIOUSNESS, wrote that Kechari mudra happened by itself after his guru’s blessing.


I practice Khechri during meditation and immediately get into a calm state. If you are a regular meditator, I will recommend that you practice a few weeks with Khechari. You will feel the difference if you are energy sensitive. Saying that, I would also like to highlight that how deep you go into your practice is not related to the mudras, mantras or the process you follow. Its about surrender, faith and trust in what you believe.

If you practice Khechri mudra and had an experience you would like to share, please comment below.

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